Friday, December 8, 2006

Certified Vote Count and Spending

So, the final totals appear to be in. There's a minor discrepancy between the State's numbers for Bergen and Bergen's numbers for Bergen. For the purposes of this blog I'll use the State's numbers. This is a rough chart of things, but you should get the idea.

Scott Garrett - 112,142 votes - $1,050,722 spent - $9.37 per vote
Paul Aronsohn - 89,503 votes -
$535,448 spent - $5.98 per vote
Me - 2,597 votes - $1,879 spent* - $0.72 per vote

I'm very happy with the way things turned out and how efficient we were with our donors' dollars. Thanks again to everyone for their help.

*We didn't raise/spend enough to have to file with the FEC, which is why I don't have a page.

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