Tuesday, January 9, 2007

George Washington Bridge saved

Whether it was the overall public outrage, or the New Jersey legislature feeling the payment was too low and calling for investigations, it appears at least for the time being the Geico deal is dead. There will be no eyeball licking lizard over the tolls, in the tolls, or popping up in your mailbox because you use the tolls. Basically, all of North Jersey revolted, and the economics didn't make sense.

On the face of the deal, number of people who use the bridge vs. cost, Geico was going to pay the same 3 cents per impression (person who would see the ads) as those advertising in the Super Bowl for a 30 second ad. However, there would be a barrage of placements defacing the actual entrance to the bridge, as well as their ability to mail directly to EZ-Pass users who cross the bridge.

If the Port Authority is so hungry for cash to pay for added security that they'd sell off a landmark for a pittance, maybe our Congressional delegation can get to work ensuring the Homeland Security dollars are assigned based on risk rather than that formula currently being used for grants. This is a very tangible example of what can happen when the bureaucrats decide who gets security funds instead of reality.

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