Monday, March 26, 2007

A Small Step Forward for Rep. Garrett

One of my most consistent criticisms of Representative Scott Garrett has been his complete lack of accountability. Whether it was as one of the earliest parts of my platform last year, to recently writing about yet another mysterious vote against the victims of Katrina, Garrett's evasiveness is one of his greatest failings as a Representative that I feel has earned constant criticism.

Today, in what can only be described as a step in the right direction, Rep. Garrett's website posted this week's tentative legislative calendar. While it doesn't list how he's leaning on voting on the different resolutions, it does give constituents the opportunity to go to THOMAS, look up the bills, and contact Garrett if they are so inclined. While this is a far cry from the ideals I have about communication between Representatives and constituents, it is a small step forward.

While he's made progress in this regard, Garrett chose to regurgitate his spin about the Bush Budget in this week's Garrett Gazette. As noted in an earlier post, The Bush Budget plan can only achieve balance by raiding the Social Security Trust and eliminating AMT relief. I haven't had a chance to read the Democrats' budget, which prompted Garrett's message; however it's been widely established that Bush's Budget is a raw deal for New Jersey. If Garrett would take a small step back, as with communication, maybe he could see what others already know and stop advocating a budget proposal that will hurt North Jersey's taxpayers, emergency responders, hospitals and seniors.

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