Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's not even June

Scott in NJ, over at Blue Jersey, has a great round up of the voting record of Representative Scott Garrett so far this year. It is worth a read.


Anonymous said...

I really don't like blue jersey much as someone who considers themselves a moderate/somewhat conservative, but Scott makes good points. I live in the 5th and I refuse to ever vote for Garrett. That being said I really dislike voting for ultra progressive or democrats that will spew party rhetoric. I voted for Paul last election, but I'm not sure I'd vote for him again since he seems to do what most Democrats do.
I guarantee you this though, I will never vote for Scott, so more then likely I will tank my vote and vote Mickey Mouse. Keep up the good work though, maybe somebody will work up the guts to challenge Garrett in the primaries, pleasee.

rmfretz said...

I'd check out GOP Progress, on the blog roll, if you're looking for conversations with similar minded individuals. It's not Jersey specific, but it seems to be the moderate Republican hang out.

Like the Dems announcing now, any Republican thinking about it really needs to get going. The earlier they start the more time to build an organization and raise funds. The colorful language used by some Republicans when talking about Garrett probably means he'd be vulnerable with a strong moderate or classic conservative.