Thursday, December 27, 2007

Garrett: Top 10 Mass Mailer

People often have asked me how Representative Scott Garrett is so good at getting his message out when he raises so little money to campaign. The AP has provided us with the answer: taxpayer dollars.

While ranking toward the bottom in a number of categories of influence and effectiveness, Garrett is in the top 10 in sending out mass mailings. In the election year of 2006, Garrett sent out 741,971 pieces of mass mail at a cost of $160,795.

The 21 cents per piece places Garrett second only to one other Representative in cost per piece. Actually, the 21 cents to produce his 2 page full color card stock spin pieces (here, here), is a heck of a lot less than a full color campaign piece would cost to print locally.

Add to that the savings from not having to pay postage, and Garrett is definitely using the system to his full benefit. This is one of the benefits of incumbency, no doubt.

Being able to find little nuggets like this is probably why Garrett voted against the House version of improving the Freedom of Information Act. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to tell that not only is Garrett sending out misleading information, but he's spending more than almost everybody to do it.

If Garrett wants to send out spin pieces he should only do that on his campaign's dime, not the taxpayer's.


Eric Sedler said...

I'll bite on this one.

Of all things anybody can criticize Garrett for, sending out mailers shouldn't be one of them.
Alas they are taxpayer funded, but at least he puts himself out a way..and updates his constituents.
Its much better then doing absolutely nothing.
Trust me on this, I interned for Baroni's leg office...mailers are IMPORTANT!

More politicians should do them..and often.

rmfretz said...

If what Garrett sent out was honest, and maybe with a few less full color pictures, I wouldn't mind it as much.

Yeah, I put it in a cost aspect, but a lot of his pieces take the tone of campaign literature as opposed to serving his people.

Theresa said...

As one who Garrett, ahem, represents, I don't even receive those mailers. I've been off his list since 2006 due to my consistent letters to his office scolding him for his votes.

Representation, my ass.

Thomas Jackson said...

The Thomas Jackson Center’s for Equal Civil Rights and Freedom of Information are very pleased that the President signed S. 2488 into Law without letting the clock do so for him. While much of this new improved Freedom of Information Act will not take affect for 12 months, it nonetheless is a warning sign to Federal Agencies that they can no longer block American’s from open government. In the cases we’re following, the United States Coast Guard has used the old law’s lack of teeth (or enforcement) to prevent disclosure. We are pleased with what the future has to offer in a more open government.

Anonymous said...

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