Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Bidding Bergen: Subpoenas

For those that hadn't heard, subpoenas are flying out of US Attorney Chris Christie's office as part of his investigation of the BCDO's pay-to-play loving lawyer Dennis Oury and Chairman Joe Ferriero. I can't help but smile about this one.

Here's how The Record describes the scope:
In all, seven municipalities, one school district and a county agency have been served with subpoenas relating to Oury since last Wednesday.

The Star Ledger added this tonight:

But while the initial round of subpoenas made it seem as though Oury was the focus, two people familiar with the investigation said it was really centered on Ferriero. Oury and Ferriero are partners, along with Leonard Kaiser, executive director of the Bergen County Utilities Authority, in the consulting company.

Until there are indictments, there's really not much to talk about (remember the Menendez investigation?). But, one can only hope this is a step toward a cleaner government. With that in mind:

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