Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garrett Makes a Funny

Last night, Representative Scott Garrett took to the floor to explain all of the reasons he doesn't like the Democrats' Stimulus package. During the exchange with Rep. Gingrey, Garrett made a bit of a joke at Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's expense:
We could have our new Treasury secretary, if he wanted to, he could go out and buy a TurboTax for every American in this country so those people would be able to figure out how their taxes are done and make sure that they pay their right taxes. That is what we basically granted when we passed last Wednesday an additional $350 billion, again, over my objection, and I believe over your objection as well, when that TARP bill went through.
For those that had missed it, one of Geithner's excuses for not paying his taxes was that he had used TurboTax.

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