Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Retire Garrett Hosting an Event

The folks over at the new Retire Garrett site are hosting a Town Hall meeting to kick off their campaign against Representative Scott Garrett.
The purpose of the Take Back the 5th Town Hall is to raise awareness of Congressman Scott Garrett’s horrendous voting record, find someone to challenge Garrett in the 2010 election, and start preparing for the 2010 election campaign. The town hall will feature speeches by 5th District public officials, a discussion on campaign strategies for the 2010 election, and an interactive debate on politics, government, and society.
The event is being held March 1st. I'll be in DC for a conference, but will post any news that comes out of the event. Those interested in attending can get details from the site.


clammyc said...

sorry you won't be around - we are going to try and have a few, so maybe the next time around?

rmfretz said...

Absolutely. I do what I can to get to stuff like this, it's just I'm in DC for a Sunlight Foundation event.