Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama for Corzine

Update: And it's a wrap. The man is ridiculously gifted at imparting his passion on the crowds he's speaking to. However, it's passion like that we're going to need to get health reform passed.

Longer post coming.

Update: Obama to cynics: What's your plan? What do you plan to do?

Update: Paraphrase: At least half the money of the plan is already in the system but being spent badly.

Update: "We are at a point where inaction is not an option." Obama just got the crowd got jumping. "It's not going to be easy". And Obama brings out the "no one's talking about taking your health insurance away."

Update: Obama talking health care. "The health care issue is starting to heat up".

Update: Paraphrase: We need to give every child. A better future.

Update: We did not come this far as a country by looking backward.

Update: Obama is ripping into those like Representative Scott Garrett.

Update: Obama: We're going forward.

Update: Obama talking about Corzine. 80,000 kids have health insurance thanks to expanding Family Care.

Update: Obama is on the stage. He has asked us to keep the Jersey City officers shot this morning in our thoughts and prayers.

Update: Corzine ripping lack of specifics in Republican proposals. Corzine: The same people who failed so miserably in the White House wants you to hand them the keys to the State House.

Update: Corzine: With a partner in the White House there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Update: Corzine: Health care is a right not a privilege.

Update: Long introduction of Obama. Corzine is making the Abe Lincoln comparison.

Health care is the first issue Corzine mentions, now the economy,

Leaders don't choose their time in history, but they have a responsibility to seize it.

Update: Corzine introducing Obama now. Paraphrase: Obama is challenging us to discover the best in ourselves. The elected officials are being introduced. Corzine is thanking us for believing in America. And Corzine just teased the crowd.

Update: The regular press corps was just walked in and the seal has just been attached. Here we go.

Update: Now we have a jamming gospel choir. Uplifting. A large group of folks are singing along.

Update: Corzine 09. It rhymes. Next speaker is Jim Mooney (sp?). Correction: He sang the National Anthem.

Update: And here we go. Missed our first speaker's name, but straight out of the gate, tying Chris Christie to George Bush. Maybe had Christie not given the multi-million dollar no-bid contracts to Ashcroft or raised all the money for Bush it wouldn't be so easy.

Update: So I've had some interesting conversations with national reports, attempting to explain to them what's been cooking here in NJ.

Update: The crowd is getting pumped up. The DJ really is a nice touch. It appears some speakers are getting ready to take the stage as the signers are getting set up.

Update: Heavy Bruce Springsteen being played. Charles Stile of the Record is typing away.

Update: Inside and sitting in the press section. The DJ's been good. The crowd just erupted. The helicopters are coming in.

Update: Oh man. It's hot. Although, we just found out Obama had an all female crew flying Marine One to Andrews. Doesn't change the fact it's hot with no water.

Update: They are having us gather. Out of the shade.

Update: Mainstream press, elected officials, and a band have shown up. Also, Joey Novick of Politics Unusual has just arrived.

Well, I succeeded in making to the Gov. Corzine rally with President Obama. So far so good, except for two sets of dead batteries for my good camera.

A huge crowd is already here and we're at least an hour from having the doors open.

I'm standing outside the press entrance waiting for it to open. Updates will be coming as I have them.

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