Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Accountability Toy

Oh, this is good. OMB Watch has a fun website I hadn't seen before:

It has a lot of great information like:
  • So far this year there have been $20,244,923 in Federal contracts awarded to our District. Of those;
  • 75.8% have not been competitively bid;
  • 12.4% have been open bid, but only one bid was received;
  • Over $1 million can't be determined how it was awarded.
The site also lists the names of contractors. If I had the time, I'd be curious to see how the contract awards match up with campaign donations listed over at the FEC website.

FedSpending also breaks down program assistance within the District. The last full year they have is FY2005, where the District received $603,549,754 in Federal funds. This includes everything from Social Security payments to SBA loans and $1.9 million in SCHIP funds. As a District, we ranked 245 out of 435 in total amount received.

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