Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bergen Reformers Bloodbath

Well, the Real Bergen Democrats went down in flames yesterday:
With 93.5 percent of Bergen County votes counted late Tuesday, the incumbents appear to have defeated the challengers by about 3 to 1.

According to the returns, Ganz received 18,383 votes, McPherson received 19,276, and Walton got 18,890.

On the challengers’ slate, Skiba got 6,302 votes, Hoernlein got 6,468 votes and Rasul got 5,476.

"The results show a mandate for the Bergen County Democratic Organization," said Bill Maer, a spokesman for the county Democrats. "This shows that the voters are comfortable with the leadership we’ve shown over the last few years."

Maer's statement is a little misleading. What he should be saying is that 11.8% of registered Democrats are comfortable with the leadership, because that's how many people actually voted for McPherson when compared to registered Democrats.

But, credit where credit is due, you don't win elections with the people that decided to stay home. Inside Bergen highlights the beating The Real Bergen Dems also took at the County Committee level. And the pay-to-play goes on...


Jill said...

As one of those people who took a beating at the County Committee level, I can tell you that I'm very pleased with the 10 votes out of 37 cast that I got. Considering none of my neighbors are declared, and eight total strangers voted for me in my first time out, I don't think that's too shabby -- especially when Frank Lautenberg was running on the BCDO line.

I would rather lose, than win and be one of Ferriero's hacks.

One step at a time, baby!

rmfretz said...

Very true. And it's good you ran. The end of this campaign is the start of the next.