Friday, October 31, 2008

Record for Shulman, Slams Garrett

This was a bit of a foregone conclusion, as the NJ Herald was for Representative Scott Garrett, however, the Record's endorsement of Dennis Shulman was the most harshly worded attack on Garrett I've seen recently.

From the endorsement:

SCOTT GARRETT is afraid. And he wants voters to be afraid. But the only thing voters should fear is Garrett's reelection to the House of Representatives.


There is much work to be done in Washington. Garrett is not the man for the job. He alienates Republicans and Democrats. That is not the bipartisan résumé for a federal legislator.


We acknowledge Dennis Shulman is untested. We do not know how effective he would be as a legislator. But we do know that Garrett's fiscal extremism makes him an ineffective lawmaker. We know that Garrett will vote his personal ideology regardless of the impact on constituents. Voters can be sure that Garrett will represent himself, not them.


Anonymous said...

The Bergen Record does not know what bipartisan is. They never endorse a republican anyway. Lautenberg and Menendez are in the top ten in terms of liberal senators. Both of these guys have never worked with a republican. Obama, 96 percent liberal voting record. Obama is a liberal extremist based on his voting record. Why is ok for liberals to stick to their views, but if a conservative like Garrett does he is labeled extremist. Mc Cain has worked with democrats far more than Obama ever worked with republicans, but of course Mc Cain is the extremist in your eyes. Enjoy your Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Rangel America. This is not the Bill Clinton era.

rmfretz said...

Two things, the Record endorsed the full slate of BCRO county candidates.

In terms of McCain, you obviously are new here. Yes, I've taken issue with the tele-evangilists he's enlisted, but I'm one of the people who liked Sen. McCain. It's his campaign's fault he's not doing better.