Saturday, February 9, 2008

Garrett @ CPAC

Well, I can't find a link on C-SPAN for Representative Scott Garrett's panel discussion today. However, the folks over at The Heritage Foundation have a summary. They also have a "very rough transcript" of Garrett's opening remarks.
When I arrived here this morning I was impressed to see that the hotel had set up tables to provide free coffee and pastries to conference attendees. I loaded up with fruit, a muffin, and coffee, but of course when I got to the end of the table I discovered that the items were not only not free, but that the hotel was selling them at extremely high prices. I immediately returned the items. This is exactly why we face such a crisis in Medicare spending: when consumers think something is free they consume more of it. If that coffee had been free I know I would be seeing a lot more of you in the audience holding cups of coffee right now.

Having read a few of Garrett's speeches at this point, I'd say they did a good job of capturing his speaking style.

I hope someone on the panel talked about the CBO's findings that Medicare Advantage is draining the trust fund faster than expected and putting the whole program at risk. For conservatives who want to save it without raising taxes, that should be the first place for reform.

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