Friday, February 22, 2008

Open Questions for Garrett

A while back I wrote about Representative Scott Garrett sending the vast majority of the earmarks he requested out of district. After watching Bill Moyer's Expose covering investigative reporter David Heath's efforts to compile the first full accounting of earmarks in a Defense Appropriations bill, I decided to check out Heath's efforts.

Of course I looked at Garrett's page. So here are the questions:
  1. Who were the $2.5 million in mystery earmarks of which you were the only sponsor sent to?
  2. What process was used to determine these mystery earmarks were in the best interest of taxpayers in our District?
  3. What projects within the District did you not attempt to fund as a result of going after these two mystery earmarks knowing you were approaching the average amount of earmarks for a Republican House member?

If either Garrett or his staff would like to provide answers for publication you can send me an e-mail or letter.

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