Thursday, February 7, 2008

Garrett Flips On Stimulus

Well, this was predicted by one of my readers:

Representative Scott Garrett was one on 34 Representatives to vote against the revised economic stimulus package. After voting for the original package, Garrett found something in the revised package to object to. Here's how the Wall Street Journal describes what was added to the Bill:
Millions of people who don't pay income taxes but have incomes of at least $3,000 would receive smaller rebates of $300, or $600 for married couples. This group would include Social Security recipients and military veterans receiving disability payments, as well as their surviving spouses -- a provision generated by the Senate.

If Garrett said anything about his change of heart, I'll post it.

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Theresa said...

Whatever the reason behind Garrett's flip-flop on this vote, it should be hammered home by whoever runs against him in November. The package that passed contained some business tax breaks, but not all. I doubt he's concerned about the renewable-energy tax incentives being dropped.

I'm willing to bet that his reasoning has to do with his comments regarding the 2009 budget: “Our nation needs long-term economic growth, and the largest federal budget in U.S. history is not the way to achieve that. The most effective way to reinvigorate the economy and spur economic growth is to ensure that job creators -- American small businesses -- have a lower tax and regulatory burden.” (

It's clear Garrett could care less about the people who really need some stimulus: SS recipients and disabled vets.

I sure hope the 5th has a new representative come November.