Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Garrett Shmorgishborg

So much to read, this is a round-up of Representative Scott Garrett and other news from the web:

*A lot is being made of the polls released by Camille Abate, and particularly Dennis Shulman, each shows Garrett being unknown and unpopular in the District, causing CQ Politics to remove our District from the Safe Republican category.

*Blue Jersey's Scott in NJ took the time to compile a great chart tracking the money race. It's no different surprise Garrett holds a large lead in cash on hand.

  1. Garrett: $457,521.36
  2. Shulman: $245,549.80
  3. Abate: $103,193.05
*Garrett railed against government spending over at The Hill Blog. He and his colleagues at the RSC hope to introduce an amendment to tie spending increases to growth in the GDP. This is one way to defund the Iraq war in a hurry.

*Garrett also used a bit of revisionist history in his Op-Ed calling for the end to the AMT. He neglected to mention a patch could have been passed much sooner than it was, however Garrett was one who led the charge to protect a loophole enjoyed by less than 60,000 people at the expense of the millions impacted by the AMT.

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Anonymous said...

What do you make of the polls?

I must be a pessimist or a realist, but I really think they are very skewed and incorrect. Maybe they only polled people in Bergen and completely forgot Sussex, after all these are people being paid to produce good results.

That and they left out head to head battles...I wonder why.

I think Garrett's safe...try again after redistricting folks.

rmfretz said...

Not sure how the poll was conducted. The questions weren't released. Head to Heads are important, but it's also important to remember this is April.

As far as how many people knew who Garrett was, I think him coming in at 30% actually puts him above the national average. In 2006, there was a national poll that put it at something like 20%. I used to joke that I could walk around and tell people I was there Rep and they wouldn't know any different (this is illegal, and wouldn't try it).

The really useful piece of information is that both polls showed Garrett's favorables around 30%.