Monday, April 7, 2008

Sussex for Abate

The New Jersey Herald has the story: Camille Abate won the support of the Sussex County Democratic Committee.


Roger Berkley said...

Camille Abate has neither the intellectual heft nor the resources to challenge Garrett. Dr. Shulman has already raised more money than the previous challenger and has a compelling story and strong positions on the issues that matter to voters.

Abate is all about Abate. After losing the 2006 primary, she refused to support the winner satisfied to let him lose so she could have another shot. Democrats should reject someone who puts herself ahead of beating Garrett.

Anonymous said...

that is a complete bold faced lie. There is an email from Paul Aronsohn thanking camille for getting voters out to a rally for him. Maybe you should check the facts before you completely slander honest and reliable candidates. You are obviously ignorant or a sexest, either way you are clearly not politicaly versed and only know how to attack people rather then show facts or evidence to prove your point.

mike Glicksman said...

I saw the email from Paul Aronsohn with my own eyes. Camille bend over backwards to help Aronsohn
after the primary. Aronsohn refused
her help and now is backing
a nice man Schulman who does not
have the fire or core beliefs to
take on Garrett. Camille Abate
is about defeating Scott Garrett and nothing else.

Mike Glicksman