Sunday, September 21, 2008

Garrett Beating Shulman in Kos Poll

The folks over at Daily Kos paid for a poll of our Fifth District. If the election were held today, Representative Scott Garrett would beat Dennis Shulman 49-34%. Granted the interview pool was relatively small, however those don't look like promising numbers.

The glimmer of hope or the final nail in the coffin would be that 38% of those polled had no opinion of Shulman. As with every election, Independents will carry the district, as their 48-35% pro-Garrett stance so closely mirrored the poll results.

Should Garrett's campaign use my lines again, or something close, independents may believe they're getting someone other than the Garrett that's actually voted the Republican line 90.7% of the time. It also doesn't help Shulman that Garrett's sentiments on the bailouts so closely mirror every person I've talked to so far. However, should Garrett fail to prevent this thing or get protections for taxpayers added it may provide an opening.

Responding to the post on Kos, Jeff Hauser (Shulman's Campaign Manager) had this to say:
Stay tuned -- by the middle of the upcoming week, you'll begin to see outreach to independents that in no way compromises Dennis' values.

We're going to tell the truth about Garrett in a direct manner via every possible medium, from viral video (check out our star interns, the Texas Oilmen for Garrett, in this parody of the Office -- ) to cable tv to direct mail to, as mentioned above, old fashioned door knocking/field.

There's still time yet, and it will be interesting to see how this thing all turns out.