Thursday, September 25, 2008

Press Covers Shulman Ad

Herb Jackson of the Record does a nice piece on the factual aspects of Dennis Shulman's attack ad on Representative Scott Garrett. One thing really jumped out, though:
Garett's land in question is 9.88 acres in Wantage Township that was originally owned by his father, now deceased.

Public records show the land was assessed at $6,100 in 2007.

I didn't know you could find land in NJ for less than $1,000 an acre. Does this strike anybody else as odd?

Jessica Coomes of the Express-Times also covered the ad, posting Garrett's campaign's response and an interesting tidbit:
Gasperino said residents deserve policy proposals, not "unfounded political gimmicks," and she said Shulman is attacking open space. Gasperino did not respond to follow-up questions to identify which statements she deems untrue.

Now this is going to get interesting.

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