Friday, September 5, 2008

Garrett on McCain

Representative Scott Garrett gave an interview to the New Jersey Herald regarding Senator John McCain's acceptance speech.
"You have to recognize that, in all the time he's been a senator, at times he's been a thorn in the side of his own party," he said.


"I've been willing to stand up to the (Republican) party and the president of the United States, when I felt what was in the best interests of the district might not be what the president was asking for," he said.

Actually, I remembered this morning that the "scolding" section of McCain's speech was very similar to one that Garrett gave at CPAC in 2007. Here's part of what I wrote at the time:
Anchoring a group railing against earmarks, in a matter of fact manner he attacked the President and the big government conservatives who cost the Republicans the Congress.

I think my favorite part of a today's long morning in the car was listening to Rush Limbaugh have a coronary over McCain scolding the Republicans for losing their way.

Granted, Garrett is no McCain. For starters, Garrett vehemently opposed McCain's immigration reform and attacked moderates in his own party for not falling in line. However, on the issue of Republicans only being able to blame themselves for what they did to Washington, it seems Garrett and McCain see eye to eye.

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