Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garrett and Iran

Some may remember that Representative Scott Garrett attempted to tie his opponent, Rabbi Dennis Shulman, to Tehran in a mailer. Garrett has never made any bones about how he thinks we should deal with Iran. He reiterated his sentiment at The Jewish Community Relations Committee's annual Congressional breakfast on Sunday:
“Engagement is not the right message” to send today, Garrett said.
Garrett was the only Republican at the event, and the response to his sentiment came from Representative Jerrold Nadle:
“I totally disagree with one of our previous speakers [who said], ‘You can’t engage.’ You must engage.” Nadler said that Washington must talk with its enemies and must hold out “the carrots and the sticks.

“We don’t know if the new policy of engagement will work,” he added, “but the old policy surely didn’t work.”
I guess that's another case of the failed policies of the past being pointed out in bright contrast.

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