Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garrett at CPAC

Herb Jackson of the Record has an excerpt from the speech given by Representative Scott Garrett at CPAC last week:

"The first is that we have adopted a mantra in Washington of trying to either delay or prevent pain. Bailing out all Wall Street, homeowners who made bad decisions, and many others are predicated on the belief that with government intervention, we can somehow prevent pain.

"The second is that some politicians in Washington now believe that an elite group of government bureaucrats is somehow smarter than the collective wisdom of the U.S. population.

"So far, we have heard that the new administration has either considered appointing, intends to appoint, or has appointed: a health czar, an energy czar, a chief performance czar, a climate change czar, a technology czar, a drug czar, and an urban affairs czar. This would seem to indicate less of a leap to socialism and more of a leap to Bolshevism."

This is not a new message from Garrett, readers may remember that back in August he began articulating we should let the Housing market free-fall so we reach the bottom and can start recovering.

Garrett actually did a good job of faking out local constituents about whether or not he attended people. His face was splashed on a ton of local news last weekend, to the point that a couple of people said to me that they were glad he hadn't gone this year.

With Rush Limbaugh's continued role of a assuming control of the message of the Republican party, thinking Republicans shouldn't want to be associated with it either. Limbaugh has done more to mislead public debate with lies and misrepresentations of facts than any figure in recent memory.

Limbaugh, the entertainer, weakens our political dialogue by masquerading as informed and thoughtful. After all, let's turn to something Garrett said on the House Floor a couple years back:
When we looked at those expressions, we remember the words of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh , who often does say the expression ``words mean something.'' He is usually expressing it about one of his callers who has just called in and talked about a particular topic or what have you, and he will take a little slight angle on it and say, well, those words mean something that are being said there.

So, Garrett knows those words Limbaugh said at CPAC mean something. He also had the good sense to get out of town so he didn't have to talk about what Limbaugh said on Saturday night.