Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garrett: Let AIG Keep Bonuses

Representative Scott Garrett has been pretty good in opposing all things bailout, but he seems to have lost touch with reality a bit today.
This tax gives the government permission to take what is private property.
Nope, sorry Scott, that's the people's money AIG was handing out and we the people have asked for it back, and 77% of Representatives voting went and got it for us.

The thing is, Garrett's statement comes across as an opposition to the reclamation of taxpayer's money because he was opposed to giving it in the first place.
The pointing of fingers at those receiving bonuses is shifting the blame from who’s really at fault.
Even though these bonuses were given to those responsible for the economic meltdown, Garrett only wants to blame the Democrats for this, we get it. However, two wrongs have never made a right, and for someone who has been so right on opposing the bailouts, it's disappointing to see him so wrong on this.


Theresa said...

No. It's not disappointing. It's expected, from Garrett. This is just another "tax" that he's against. Pay no attention to how the money came in, it's now a tax and we can't have that!

I'm going to pop over to the Office of the Clerk and see how the rest of the NJ Congressional delegation voted.

Theresa said...

Yup, he's Mr. 12-1, again.

NJ delegation:

rmfretz said...

Yep. Another 12 to Garrett vote for sure.

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