Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garrett vs.Squirrels

Jessica Coomes over at the Express-Times blogged about the fauxtest participation of Representative Scott Garrett. The end is probably the most interesting part of the piece:
After his speech, Garrett was hoping his car would start so he could drive home to New Jersey. The car's been sputtering, and he suspects squirrels have been chewing the car's wires -- again.
Garrett normally takes the train, so I'm sure his car sits idle quite a bit.

I said before I'd like a vote, so we could move on, and it now appears a vote on off-shore drilling as part of a larger package will happen. So maybe it wasn't a fauxtest afterall.

Garrett deserves credit for risking life and limb driving down there in an unsafe vehicle to speak at the fauxtest. The only thing I could recommend for the Congressman is to get the wiring fixed and inflate his tires, as AAA cites these as ways to save some gas. (There may or may not be a bit of sarcasm in there somewhere).

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