Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garrett's Campaign on Texas Oilmen

Okay, although I was trying to channel Ralphie May a bit there with the stache comment, I don't want to skip the first response to the Texas Oilmen for Garrett. Of note in the article regarding their event is a quote from the campaign manager of Representative Scott Garrett:

Garrett's campaign manager, Amanda Gasperino, said she is not amused.

"We're taking this a little more seriously," Gasperino said. "The energy crisis shouldn't be used as a political football. Instead of using it as a political ploy for games, you need to address the issues."

I've been saying stuff like that for the last month, especially regarding the fauxtest and Garrett's participation.

Personally, I'd rather have a bunch of interns goofing around in a harmless manner, with no real negative impact; than a bunch of Congressmen standing telling the American people inflating their tires to save gas is a dumb idea, which is the fastest way to ensure as a nation we improve fuel economy at least 3%.

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