Friday, July 25, 2008

Garrett and Alternative Energy

Newsday ran a story today about how off-shore drilling is becoming an issue in NJ this year. The campaign thoughts from both the campaigns of Dennis Shulman and Representative Scott Garrett were shared:
Garrett campaign manager Amanda Gasperino declined to comment on the congressman's recent vote, but said he supports "deep-sea exploration" along with other sources such as solar, wind and biofuel to meet the nation's energy needs.

Garrett's Democratic challenger, Dennis Shulman, wants scientists to assess where drilling would be most useful, said his campaign manager, Jeff Hauser. However, "We don't want someone drilling right off the New Jersey shore and harming our beaches," Hauser said.

Shulman's website gives a firmer answer than let the scientists decide. On the flip side, Gasperino's statement on Garrett's stand is missing a huge chunk of reality.

Garrett holds the distinction of being the only Representative from New Jersey to oppose every effort to expand tax credits and funding for alternative energy for the last two years.

Garrett's been getting a free pass from the media on this point, as he refers to alternatives, conservation, and increased supply as a three legged stool to deal with gas prices. It sounds great, and it really is how we're going to get to a better place.

The massive problem is that Garrett hasn't put his votes where his mouth is. Not even close. The traditional media hasn't been doing their job of pointing that out. He did back some provisions when Republicans were in control, but his partisanship seems to be getting in the way of his "dedication" to alternatives.

Our energy crisis isn't a partisan issue, and Garrett's campaign is being disingenuous by painting him as being anything but partisan when it comes to his "support" of solutions.

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