Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Help Wanted: NJ Ethics Panel

PolitickerNJ has an interesting story about the problems our legislative leaders are having a problem filling the newly created ethics panel. Here's how they described part of the problem:
Wright said that DeCroce has not been slacking on the appointments but wants to make sure he puts the right people in the job, given the new committee’s more stringent ethical standards. Several ex-judges they’ve considered, Wright said, refused an appointment because would have had to cut ties with law firms that have business with the state.

It just seems to me they can't be trying very hard. There have to be retired police officers who would consider this. Or maybe those like my father. Not just because he's a minister, but he's been certified in various ethics and conflict resolution disciplines. There are entire programs dedicated to the ethics part, and we have several seminaries in the state.

Then you have the idealistic civic minded individuals like myself who want nothing more than a clean government. Granted, I'd probably have to give up the blog, but for that I'd do it. I'm sure there'd be no shortage of volunteers who want clean government who would put aside whatever it is they're doing to serve.

The idea that these guys can't fill this committee is garbage.
You could probably walk into an elementary school and find enough students with a proper sense of right and wrong to be on the panel.

The problem is that they don't want to be held accountable for their actions. If we're going to turn this State around, we need to have a strong watchdog. The idea we as voters, taxpayers and residents have to wait until the US Attorney steps in is ridiculous.

Only in NJ, I suppose.

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