Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where's Garrett's Jersey Love?

One of the many things 4th grade history class taught most of us in New Jersey was what an important role our State played in winning the Revolutionary War. It's basic. It's one of the many things we have to be proud of in our State that so few other States can claim a role in.

However, today Representative Scott Garrett was one of only 69 Representatives, and the only Representative from New Jersey to vote against including George Washington's historic march to Yorktown through our State as a National Historical Trail.

If I had to guess, Garrett would be concerned with the cost of finally placing the Historic Trail without which no other would be possible into the system. The CBO estimates the cost for the program is about $500,000 a year. That works out to one tenth of a penny per citizen to properly recognize our history.

If Garrett said anything as to why he voted this way, or releases a statement, I'll post it.

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Theresa said...

Garrett probably opposed this because Washington embraced Republicanism, something which Garrett completely opposes based on how he votes.

Republicanism can be defined as: "It stresses liberty and rights as central values, makes the people as a whole sovereign, rejects aristocracy and inherited political power, expects citizens to be independent and calls on them to perform civic duties, and is strongly opposed to corruption."