Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shulman Lands in Warren

In a sign the campaign of Dennis Shulman is serious, The Express-Times had a piece yesterday about his visit to the Warren County Fair. Dems haven't really worked hard in Warren the last few elections, as exemplified by Paul Aronsohn skipping the county entirely on his "Walk across the District."

This slacking by the Dems has allowed Garrett to slack as well. In 2006, at many of the large events I showed up at in Warren, I was the only one on the ballot who showed. Even when I sent surrogates, they were often the only ones there.

So it's equally telling that, according to the piece, Garrett is spending time in Warren.


Mike Sedita said...

I'm not sure where that link to the Express-Times piece is supposed to lead, I would like to see the article but the link doesb't seem to work.

rmfretz said...

My bad on the link. It's fixed now.

Mike Sedita said...