Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let the Cannibalism Begin

It didn't take long for the people who power Conservatives with Attitude CWA-NJ to start attacking Republican support of the SCHIP program vetoed by the President. At issue is Bill Baroni's support of the program. Baroni, running for the State Senate in the 14th Legislative District is a moderate Republican with broad support. Here's what CWA-NJ had to say about him:
In yet another case of the Republican candidate knocking people over to show how much like Democrats they are, the Baroni campaign rushed to produce a letter and proof of delivery of same, that Baroni sent to George W. Bush pleading with him not to veto SCHIP, but instead SIGN the 35BILLION dollar liberal supported expansion of government and entitlement program that puts us that much closer to HillaryCare, i.e.-SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.


It takes more than an (R) next to your name to make you a Republican. RINO also starts with an R and until the Republican party actually starts acting like Republicans by doing the right thing and standing FOR something instead of standing WITH their opponents on to many issues, than an election win by an R doesn’t really mean a whole lot, does it?

Whatever happened to Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, kids? Obviously, despite the facts, CWA-NJ has bought into the same lies Representative Scott Garrett bought into and perpetuated. This is going to play out on a national level, with the CWAs and Clubs for Growth assaulting those Republicans who supported SCHIP. The Republicans who supported SCHIP cut through the lies and fear mongering to stand with those served by the SCHIP program. Despite their ability to see the truth and vote for it, they will be painted with a different disingenuous brush by members of their own party.

Eric Sedler, one of the founders of Red Jersey, had the following to say in the comment section.
You continue to hurt and split the party, not realizing the Democrats are capitalizing big time on the split.

You’d rather primary challenge someone like Chris Smith or Bill Baroni, damage their resources, and leave them open to a Democratic machine with tons of money who could possibly defeat them.

That’s your game, taking out Republicans who don’t support your agenda. Yet, you fail to realize this only helps Democrats overtake the state even more.

Until there are more moderate Republicans like Sedler who are willing to stand up and fight, the Republicans will continue to slip to the right and further into irrelevance.


Eric Sedler said...

Thanks Matt.

At least one person gets what I'm trying to say. I'm working on a column about this now..

By the way, it was great to see someone politically active like yourself on my ballot last year. (I'm registered in CD5). I won't say who I supported, but it's always good to see people our age range take the initiative in politics and especially willing to be independent of a party.

rmfretz said...

Oh, I've been there and admire that you're still fighting. Thanks for the hat tip on the ballot and keep fighting the good fight yourself. I've talked to a number of people lately who see things your way.