Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lit Up Like a Firecracker

Well, Representative Scott Garrett's views on SCHIP didn't win him any friends among readers of the Record. Today, the paper published four letters critical of our Congressman.

The Record still hasn't published Garrett's latest Op-Ed on SCHIP, and before folks scream media bias you have to read their guidelines:
We do our best to identify factual errors and make appropriate changes. We don't make significant changes unless we believe they are absolutely warranted. When we do, we contact the author for approval.

The problem is, as I pointed out earlier, Garrett's latest op-ed is an exercise in misinformation. I even went so far as to submit my own Op-Ed as a response. I don't know if they liked it or not, but I think I broke another of the Record's rules:
We welcome assertive, even provocative commentary. But we like to keep the discourse civil. We don't permit personal attacks.

My op-ed pretty much slammed Garrett around, using facts to do it, but it was against him. Once all doubt is removed about whether or not the op-ed will be published, I'll put it up here. Stay tuned.

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