Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Now Know The Type of Man

With Bush's veto upheld by the House, and our Representative Scott Garrett joining the minority voting against the bill, we now know what kind of man he is. We're represented by an individual who used fabrications and lies to scare people into opposing a program instead of having a genuine policy discussion.

I had a friend raise a legitimate policy argument, regarding the poverty level, which could have been Garrett's argument (she sees eye to eye with him on a lot). I didn't agree with it, but it's a point she and I could talk about. As a nation we could have talked about it. Unfortunately, Garrett went another direction.

Garrett chose dishonesty. Garrett chose spin. Garrett chose the politics of fear.

We are not represented by an honest broker. We are represented by an individual who would rather scare people into opposition than engage in a real debate. Garrett has never engaged in an honest debate about this issue, and going forward I doubt he ever will.

In the short run, people believed Garrett's lies and will support his decision to vote against SCHIP based on those lies. In the months ahead, those lies will become more widely known. However, unlike the Iraq war where the lies were coming from the Administration to Congress and the people; Garrett perpetuated these lies hand in hand with the Administration. The facts were not classified; and still Garrett chose to lie.

People have respect for a politician that stands on principal, even if they don't agree with them. Garrett had no honest principal he was defending in this case. This vote is not going to be what ends Garrett's political career, it's the lies he told to support it.


nradisic said...

Amen. Scott Garrett is a liar, a hypocrite and a totally dishonest human being. How can we make sure that gets publicized widely? I cannot believe we have people in Northern New Jersey who still support the scumbag. Then again, ignorance reigns supreme amongst the populace....


"nradisic" says it all. Garrett never represents his constituents.
If you want to judge a politican, look who his friends are. Not the most ethical, upstanding or sober individuals - to say the least.

While others pay hefty real estate taxes in Wantage. he pays a farmland assessment (since when does he farm?), and rather than help education in his backyeard, he took his kids out of public school. Although E. Scott Garrett remained behind the scenes, he spurred his brother and his other uneducated friends to promote the defeat of their school's much needed referendum and budget.
Care about his neighbors - I don't think so.
We need a decent rep in Congress. Get this moron out!