Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scott, It's Time to Be a Representative

I sent this way too late at night.

Rep. Garrett,

Today, you will be making your choice on S-CHIP.

You have often portrayed yourself, and been portrayed, as a straight shooter and a stand-up guy. Your quotes against the facts are out there, and enough people have seen through the smokescreen to continue to call for you to override this veto. Voting to override the veto will give you a chance to rebuild some of your reputation, at least in the sense that you will stand up for what your constituents want.

I suppose in the end, it's up to you and your conscience. However, I'd like to believe somewhere behind the recent spin there's that straight shooter everybody talked about. The one with the legacy of fighting for what his people wanted. All we have in life is our reputation, and you don't get many chances to earn it back. Voting to override this veto won't erase the last couple of months, but it will let people know that when presented with the facts you'll do the right thing.

People want this program, Scott.


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Theresa said...

Well, the vote failed and Ernie voted Nay. Roll call is here: