Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bankruptcy Law Change Needed

I haven't been writing much over here the last few days because I've been focusing on the bankruptcy issue I discussed earlier.

One thing that is extremely frustrating about the whole Chapter 7 process is that employees are not given priority status when it comes to getting paid. Several of the women that I dealt with at the payroll company were the primary bread winners for their families, the primary providers for their children.

They went to work every day for the last couple of weeks having no clue that the carpet was going to be pulled out from under them. The way the Chapter 7 process is structured, they're the second in line to receive payment. That's just not right.

Over the last few years, laws have been passed to make it more difficult for individuals to declare bankruptcy. Yet a company is capable of walking away from the thousands who depend on their paycheck without any sort of difficulty.

It's just not right. We should and can do better.


Robin said...

Hello, I was on your Axium closing blog and linked over to your profile and then this.
Just curious, I agree with your comments on party politics. Did you run for office as an Independent? That's very cool. Is there an Independence party in New Jersey? I'm fairly active in this area in Minnesota.

rmfretz said...

Hey Robin,

Yes, I ran for the House in '06 as an Independent last time around. We have a few third parties, but not a solidified Independent effort.

Minnesota is a great place to be involved. I often talk about how I wish NJ, and the rest of the nation for that matter, took voter participation as seriously as you folks do.

Jill said...

Now you're sounding like a liberal. ;) Too bad the Republicans have subscribed to thoroughly to the "I got mine and eff you" doctrine. They've basically kicked people like you out of the party.