Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who Is Up Ferriero's Sleeve?

In an interesting story about Joe Ferriero's endorsement of Sen. Hillary Clinton, Ferriero offers this little nugget when asked about Camille Abate and Dennis Shulman in their quest to unseat Representative Scott Garrett:

Right now, Ferriero said, it’s too early to tell who he will endorse, and that it may not be either Shulman or Abate.

“I can tell you that both he and Abate are not the only individuals who have expressed interest in running in the 5th congressional district, so it’s a little early to tell where our county organization will be going,” said Ferriero, who did not mention the names of any other potential candidates.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Given that the Congressional primary is in June, and we are halfway through January already, shouldn't "these individuals" get moving?

If there is a latecomer on the party line, it'll be interesting to see if the Democratic sheeple of NJ-5 continue to do Boss Joe's bidding. Of course neither of the two declared candidates has been doing much talking lately, so who knows what's really going on.

With Garrett being SO egregiously awful, you'd think we wouldn't have to make it so damn easy for him every time.