Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bi-Partisan Support for Change

Even if the numbers don't quite hold, I am so fired up about the bi-partisan vote for change. I always pick candidates on both sides, and tonight is extremely exciting for me. Those that have spoken with me privately (or looked at my Facebook page) know I've been hoping for either Huckabee or McCain on the Republican side and Barack Obama on the Democratic side for a long time.

First, on the Republican side: Mike Huckabee absolutely stomped Mitt Romney and his fans at the Club for Growth. If there is a moderate Republican thinking about taking on Representative Scott Garrett and his CFG this should serve as motivation. You will be outspent, the CFG will come after you, Garrett's special interest backers will call you names, but if your message is strong enough and resonates with voters you can win.

Second, on the Democratic side: Senator Barack Obama absolutely stomped the very politics as usual machinery we are all so sick of dealing with. I've been talking about Obama since reading his books, and I believe now as I did then the fact that he represents the best chance for change on the Democratic side.

Our politics have been broken by the last eight years, and we are in need of change. I am so happy that the people of Iowa voted for the two competing candidates who represent that opportunity.

I have such hope for New Hampshire on Tuesday, and the rest of the primary process. Regardless of party affiliation, voters of Iowa said we need change and showed up to vote for it. I hope the rest of the nation will follow suit. The only way we get the kind of politics we want is if we show up to vote and hold politicians accountable. Politics as usual took a beating today, and to move this nation forward we need a lot more of this.

Game on.


Eric Sedler said...

Go McCain in New Hampshire!

Jill said...

Doesn't change the fact that Huckabee is a moron and an utterly bats**t crazy theocrat. Sorry, but when I hear Southern Baptists talking about converting the heathen on the town hall lawn, even in jest, it reminds me too much of George W. Bush saying he'd rather be a dictator. In jest much truth is spoken.