Friday, January 25, 2008

Garrett Spotted in Bergen

Work's been brutal, so I'm trying to catch up.

In a lengthy piece speculating about County Clerk Kathe Donovan's absence at the BCRO meeting last week, Inside Bergen made another observation: Representative Scott Garrett took the stage.

Also notable was Congressman Scott Garrett's presence at the meeting. Garrett took the stage with Ortiz and presented his update from Washington. Their joint appearance allays some of the rumors of a pending feud between the BCRO and Garrett.
That's really too bad. As I noted earlier, Bergen County received 6% of the earmarks Garrett fought for in the appropriations process, while sending 70% out of District. Bergen represents 60% of the District's population. Garrett popping into a meeting once in a while doesn't change the diminished stature of the BCRO in the county since Garrett took office. Part of that is that he doesn't fight for us.

One would hope the BCRO would hold Garrett accountable, so as to really challenge the pay-to-play BCDO, for all of our sake.

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