Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Abate likely to Announce Tonight

As reported last month by PoliticsNJ, and commented on by yours truly, tonight's the night for Camille Abate to announce she's throwing her hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination to challenge Representative Scott Garrett. She is hosting an event through her CAJA Institute, at the Ridgewood Public Library, promising a special announcement.


Brian said...

Do you think it's probable there'll be another Camille/Paul primary?

And on the subject of monkeys, I find most of them can't tell Captain from Jack. And I don't think mine's more skilled than yours...just more drunk.

rmfretz said...

That depends on Paul, I suppose. Camille's going to be in it. Whether tonight was an announcement of her intention to announce I'm not sure, but I kind of figured that was the interview with politicsnj.

Hmmm. Well, I better get my monkey to get to work then. No more mixer.

Brian said...

haha... oh and how did you get the BNN widget to work. It won't work for me.