Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Garrett & Small Business

Representative Scott Garrett is now batting .250 on Bills specifically aimed at helping small business. After voting against 10 years of small business tax cuts and greater access to capital, I wasn't expecting him to vote for anything that would help the Small Business Administration help those who account for 50% of the GDP. However, today he voted for the SBA Entrepreneurial Development Programs Act.

This meant, for exactly 8 minutes, Garrett went to .333 for the year. However, Garrett then voted against passing HR 2284, which expanded SBA Development centers serving our indigenous populations. The main argument for the program, in my opinion, is the return on investment of the taxpayer's dollar. From the Bill:
The Small Business Development Center program is cost effective. Clients receiving long-term counseling under the program in 2005 generated additional tax revenues of $248,000,000, nearly 2.8 times the cost of the program to the Federal Government.

Folks, that's a 280% return on our investment. That doesn't even include the savings from not having more unemployed people, or the influx of cash into other businesses serving those that work with and for the companies helped by the centers. These are the sorts of programs I'd like to see more of, not less.

Garrett was the only Representative from New Jersey to vote against this measure. It's another example of where Garrett talks a good game about looking out for the family budget and small businesses, but for those families employed by these businesses and all those they spend their money with; as well as those who want a solid return on the tax dollar, Garrett can't seem to put our vote where his mouth is.

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