Saturday, June 23, 2007

Garrett Misrepresents Again

In Monday's post, Lest We Forget, I brought up the fact that Representative Scott Garrett is still making it sound like he voted for the earmark reforms he voted against. On Friday, as part of a House floor speech given after the conclusion of regular business, Garrett did it again.
Just an aside on the whole issue of earmarks. The debate on that topic goes to whether or not the Congress has the authority, and no one really questions this, but the authority to make, the issues of spending money on particular projects, and I don't think anybody debates that too much. The debate we have had on that topic is the transparency issue and whether or not Members of Congress and the American public are able to see exactly what individual Members are requesting that the American tax dollars go to. That is an appropriate debate and one which I supported, and I supported openness and transparency and to shine the light of day on what we do here.

Unless Garrett forgot he voted against the earmark reforms, Garrett continuing to make it sound like he voted yes is nothing less than an intentional misrepresentation of the truth.


nradisic said...

Scott Garrett is a liar and a hypocrite. Why not come out and say it? What the hell does "misrepresents" mean? What the hell does "mispoke" means? We loose when we use Republican language and words. What the hell happened callung someone a liar when they lie? Republicans are scum and they need to be exposed a such with the most appropriate and shockingly true language.

rmfretz said...

I'm non-partisan at the moment, so I don't have the same venom toward either party the way some people do. Even if I ever did declare I probably wouldn't associate good/bad simply based on party affiliation, largely because there are plenty of examples of good Republicans (Collins - ME) and bad Democrats (Sharpe James).

Point taken on the phrasing.