Sunday, June 24, 2007

Garrett's Earmark Deception Widespread

As noted yesterday, Representative Scott Garrett has continued making it sound like he voted for the earmark reforms he voted against. In catching up on the week's news, I've discovered just how far Garrett's going to misrepresent the truth.

It's safe to say that the readership of this blog, and Garrett's Garrett Gazette, are probably no where near the combined readership of the Express Times and the Herald News. Both papers reprinted Garrett's statement on earmarks earlier this week as an opinion piece with the following phrase:
Earlier this year, I was pleased that the House adopted many of the earmark reforms that I had pressed for in the previous year. The entire process of spending should be open and transparent — all spending should be subject to full public scrutiny and debate.

Garrett could be pleased as punch the reforms passed, however, the way that statement is wordsmithed it explicitly implies that he voted for the earmark reforms he voted against. I wouldn't be surprised if this misrepresentation goes into a mailer in the near future, if it hasn't already shipped.

For those who have criticized my going after Garrett, because you see him as "honest", by all means explain this one to me.


Hugh Jersey said...

People seriously criticize you on that?

rmfretz said...

They have. In e-mails and comments here.