Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garrett and Gas Gouging

For those who forgot, last year Representative Scott Garrett voted against protecting consumers from price gouging at the pump. He followed that vote up with another vote against protecting consumers from gouging this year, and then attacked Republicans who voted for such protections. Two price gouging protection bills, two no votes.

I bring this up after reading this article and waiting to see Garrett's vote about the energy bill on the House floor. It would seem, due to simple physics, we're getting ripped off at the pump during the summer. Here's part of the article:
As the temperature rises, gasoline expands, and the amount of energy in each gallon drops. Because gas is priced at a 60-degree standard and gas pumps do not adjust for temperature changes, motorists often get less bang for their buck in warmer weather.

Consumer watchdog groups warn that temperature increases could end up costing U.S. consumers between 3 and 9 cents a gallon at the pump.


Almost a century ago, the industry and regulators agreed to define a gallon of gasoline as 231 cubic inches at 60 degrees. But as the mercury rises and gasoline expands, it takes more than a gallon of gas to produce the same amount of energy. The opposite is true when gasoline contracts in colder weather.

Now, one might say that we make up for it when it's colder, and in theory that would be true. However, take Ramsey for example, where the average temperature for the year is 61, with 6 months of the year over 60 and 5 months below it (April is 60). So on average, the people of Ramsey and the surrounding towns are not getting the gallon of gas they're paying for.

The whole situation needs to be looked at, reviewed and reformed. Gas prices are killing small businesses and families, and playing a significant role in holding our economy back. The fact our Garrett would consistently vote against even allowing an investigation into these issues, when it seems we already know the answers, is a little disconcerting.

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Brian said...

Wow. His campaign bumper sticker could be "Had enough of price gouging at the pump? Tough crap, weenies!" He's given the finger to every hardworking middle class family across the state.