Sunday, June 24, 2007

BCRO Looking for a Leader

The Record reported on the race to replace inept Guy Talarico as Chairman of the Bergen County Republican Organization. Here's how they summed up each candidate's reason to pick them.
More than 100 county committee members assembled at party headquarters in Hackensack to hear briefly from the early favorite, 35-year-old Ridgewood lawyer Rob Ortiz, as well as two party veterans, 57-year-old political consultant Bill Thomson of Washington Township and 64-year-old Ben Focarino of Garfield, who owns a leather-coat business.


All three candidates for county chairman pledged to jump-start the party's anemic fund raising and to reunite its factions.

Focarino said he would do that by getting back to the basics, making better use of technology and fielding candidates who can run in every community.

Thomson cited his grass-roots experience and his track record for raising money and mobilizing the votes of such groups as the Christian Coalition.

Ortiz said he had raised a lot of money for both national and state Republican candidates and would do the same in Bergen.

As the early front runner, Rob Ortiz is racking up the endorsements. He has all of the candidates for the legislature in the 40th, current County Clerk Kathe Donovan (the only county wide Republican), former Freeholder Lisa Randall (who Talarico primaried out of office), and former County Executive Pat Schuber (on par with Roukema in terms of wide respect) just to name a few.

It should be very interesting to see how this plays out, and what impact it has in the fall.

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