Monday, June 18, 2007

Lest We Forget

Following the House debate over how to handle the 30,000 earmark requests for the Homeland Security appropriations Bill, Representative Scott Garrett has been getting a lot of praise from his fellow Republicans. Whether for leadership or bringing candy to those on the floor, people have singled him out as one of the leaders on the Republican side.

However, old habits die hard and I suppose Garrett couldn't avoid misrepresenting the truth. This from today's Garrett Gazette:
Earlier this year, I was pleased that the House adopted many of the earmark reforms that I had pressed for in the previous year. The entire process of spending should be open and transparent - all spending should be subject to full public scrutiny and debate, but that is especially true of earmarks, which have far too often been used by Members to curry favor with special interests or voters.
Sounds good, yet once again Garrett makes it sound like he voted for the earmark reforms he actually voted against. Votes speak louder than words, they always have. Garrett says in his Gazette that the Democrats talked a good game, which should be seen as nothing less than a compliment from someone who is an expert at it.

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