Monday, July 16, 2007

2nd Quarter Cash: Abate, Aronsohn, Garrett

While the Presidential candidates get all the press, here in our 5th District the dash for cash also had reports published on the web today.

Last quarter, announced candidate Camille Abate brought in $34,859 and has $18,872 cash on hand. Paul Aronsohn took in $1,823, leaving him $14,777 after spending $8,765. Aronsohn had promised an announcement of his intentions in late spring, which still hasn't happened. Whether or not Aronsohn's running at this point, when re-match seekers like Linda Stender and Tom Wyka have already announced their intentions, may make people (like me and others I've spoken with) wonder.

The numbers for Representative Scott Garrett are unclear. Herb Jackson, of The Record, reports Garrett's contributions for last quarter at $127,438 and cash on hand of $ 476,515. However, the link he gave is to Garrett's old report citing the $238,144, I wrote about earlier this year. I searched the site for the current report, and it wasn't there.

If Garrett's campaign spent nothing, the difference between the $365,582 he could have and the $476,515 is a good chunk of change. However, campaign accounts often invest their funds to gain interest, and if the return was that large over three months, everyone should ask Garrett's people where they put their money.

As soon as the link is updated I'll update the figures in this post.

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