Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mass Politicization Rundown

As mentioned earlier this week, it seems our Representative Scott Garrett was the beneficiary of a taxpayer funded trip from the ONDCP based on White House political election strategy; rather than Garrett's genuine desire to update our District on what was going on with regard to drug policy. The folks over at Think Progress have compiled a list, with sources, of how widespread the mass politicization has been. (h/t pastordan at Street Prophets).

It is truly an astonishing and nauseating list. If we as a people ever have the misfortune of electing another administration with such contempt for their duty, whether Republican or Democratic, we need to demand this sort of abuse of power will not go as unchecked by Congress as it did for the last six years.

The adminsitration and their supporters whine about the oversight investigations being conducted by Rep. Henry Waxman and others as partisan theater. However, I firmly believe that if the great leaders of the Republican Party's heritage were alive today they probably would have ridden Bush and his cronies out of town on a rail by now.

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