Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The YouTube Debate

I was listening to as much of it as I could at work, and it was great. I loved hearing the candidates having to answer questions from real people and seeing how they did responding to those questions. As soon as I find out where they have the answers I'll throw a link to that up here as well.

You can still submit questions for the Republicans who will be debating in September. Hopefully, I won't be working that night and can watch the whole thing.

This kind of format should be repeated before the general election for both party's nominees.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment, except for a few issues: (1)This format would be great if the field was 3 or 4 candidates that could give, maybe, three too five minute, detailed answers. Also, I think that the candidates should get the questions a couple of days ahead, in order too give well thought-out answers. If you think about it, we are not looking for a president that can give a quick, instinctive answer, we are looking for a president that has a THOUGHT PROCESS that leads to a viable, well thought out, viable policy.

rmfretz said...

Good point. Actually, what I'm really hoping for are the Cooper Union conversations where the two candidates will sit and "debate" the key issues for an hour each Sunday leading up to the general election.

Fortunately, the debate centered on the major issues the candidates should already have been able to think about. Even the pointed ones about are you woman or black enough are questions each candidate should have thought about.