Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ariyan On the State Senate

Well, new Record columnist Charles Stile wrote an interesting column about Senator Gerry Cardinale's re-election bid. However, the thing I found most interesting was Joe Ariyan's view of what a State Senator is to do.
"There will always be avenues, legal and ethically, for your state senator, to... bring home the bacon," he says. "That's what representatives do. ... That's their job."

Well, that's a pretty free standing statement on his governance philosophy, now isn't it.


Politamonkey said...

Yes, free standing but true. Ariyan, in a Democrat controlled state, will bring home more for D. 39 then Cardinale.

Its refreshing to think that the towns in D. 39 will be getting a piece of the lions share that would otherwise be given to places like Newark, Camden and Trenton.

rmfretz said...

You'll have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm about being represented by someone who embraces the way things seem to be done in Trenton.

It's early in the campaign, so I'm sure there will be more about issues such as redoing the school funding formula, ending pay to play, dealing with our State's solvency issues, etc. to base my vote on.