Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth - It's in NJ

So, I'm watching/listening to the Live Earth show from Australia while I'm working on another project. The band playing at the moment is Eskimo Joe. They're really good musicians and absolutely not helping me stay up as they're rather slow. There's no shot of me staying up for Wolfmother, which is what I could use at the moment.

MSN has the show times and line-ups here. Last time I checked, there are tickets still available to the show at Giants Stadium if you have a minimum of $200+ to blow per ticket (all the $100 variety are gone).

On another note, you can count me among those that's annoyed they refer to it as being Live Earth New York. Today, Corzine signed what many consider the toughest green house gas reduction bill in the United States, if not the world, with enforceable targets. Love the bill or hate the bill, it's New Jersey's bill and not New York's.

It was nice of Al Gore to show up at Corzine's signing, my guess is he might have noticed the signing wasn't in Flushing Meadows; or the Bronx; or Coney Island; or Staten Island; or Randall's Island; or Jones Beach; but in East Rutherford, which is in Bergen County, which is in New Jersey.

A little respect would be nice.

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