Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The What Squad?

In making his argument against the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) with his fellow Republican Study Caucus members, Representative Scott Garrett said something that was rather jarring.
But you know, you don't have to listen to The Official Truth Squad here on the floor each week to know that things are oftentimes amiss when it comes to the efficiency and the accountability of the Federal Government.
The Official What Squad?

Just look at what Garrett's done so far this year and you see how this effort in self-branding is akin to using spit for shoeshine. This said by the man who would have voters believe he voted for earmark reform he voted against. This from the man that says he's looking out for the family budget, but should add "except when your family budget involves a college student, driving a car, becoming a new homeowner, or owning a small business." And don't forget the family budgets of the working poor he constantly votes against. This from the man who made up a study by the New York Times to try and make a point. This from the man who has been caught exaggerating the facts regarding the budget.

The Official What Squad? Are you kidding?

If Garrett was honest with voters and they elected him with his voting record that would be one thing; but he isn't and I really don't believe they do. This sort of, oh what was I told to call it, lying is a major part of the problem with Garrett.


Anonymous said...

Garrett is a total scumbag....let me elaborate - Scott Garrett is an ignorant, hypocritical, lying, cheating scumbag. The real question is how ignorant are the voters in the 5th district? I cannot believe that this guy is representing anyone, much less anyone in NJ. It is time for a veto proof Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Republicans have proven that they have government and hence cannot govern. Wake up folks!!!

Anonymous said...

As a moderate leaning Republican in NJ-5 I continue to have trouble with Garrett and his obvious atrocious voting record.
I can't support Arohnson who is a nothing more then a shill and I have trouble supporting Democrats who spew nothing but rhetoric.
I will continue to tank my vote until the one day Congressman Garrett retires and we can replace him with somebody who makes more sense.

Primary Challenge him please!

rmfretz said...

As far as challenging in a primary goes (Rep or Dem), the thought has crossed my mind, and I still have a lot to think about. I appreciate the encouragement.

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